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Teen Queen

Girl of my dreams

This is Luxie

All you need is love

March 1st, Lords Cricket Ground, Lnd

Kirsten, along with over 100 other celebrities, has customised and signed a lunchbox for an online auction for the charities "Food Bank for New York City" and "The Lunchbox Fund of South Africa". The auction will run from December 7th to the 21st and further details can be found here

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Mario Testino.

Dream about Kiki

Kiki has hosted 2 time the VMA's, in 2001 and in 2002. With that awesome co-host, Johnny Noxville how can you not have fun? She was sooo amazing there, and i just adore him, really. My favorite pic of Kiki is the one with Moby, she's posing backstage in the 2002's VMA'S.

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Kirsten Caroline Dunst

Nickname: KiKi
Birthday: 30th April 1982
Hair/Eyes: Blonde/Blue
Family: Inez (Mother), Klaus (Father) - separated
Siblings: Christian (Brother)
Dating: Unknown
Pets: Current Unsure. Past: 3 Cats, Tazmania, Felix and Sophie and one dog, Beauty.
Birth Place: New Jersey
Movie Debut: (1989) New York Stories
Movie Breakthrough: (1994) Interview With The Vampire
Ambitions: To Direct and own her own Production Company